Antique Life Discovery Workshop

From €16,5 per student

The person running the workshop presents the monument and explains its construction and function, and the historical context of his or her workshop. The children ask the instructor questions and discover Roman culture via educational panels. They then participate in the hands-on part of the workshop. 
◗ Duration: 1 hr 30 | Number: from 20 to 30 per group | For primary and secondary schools

Choose your workshop: 

Amphora | NEW
This vase with 2 handles used was a ubiquitous element of daily life in Antiquity. After discovering the manufacturing process, the children make an amphora with clay.

Children dressed in costumes and masks represent the typical characters from the Roman theatre; sketches are explained, before being acted out by the children.

Children dress up in costumes and discover the clothing, as a marker of social status. They then complete an educational document during the show.
Considered a veritable art, the mosaics show how the Romans represented their environment. The children reproduce a mosaic in groups of two.
A mastery of language and writing are synonymous with learning; the children study the development of writing and produce a document in Latin script.
Masks played a major part in Roman theatre. The children make a mask in clay, in accordance with the criteria of antiquity and the characteristics of the figures.
Oil lamps | NEW
Oil lamps developed between prehistory and the Roman period. The children make a lamp in clay, which they can then take home with them.
Hopscotch, which was present as early as the second millennium BCE, was one of the Romans’ favourite games. The children create a portable version of the game and practise playing it.

Free tour with teaching pack 

From €5,5 per student

Teaching packs are available for teachers. They contain teaching resources to prepare the visit in advance, to follow the visit as well as providing discussion points after the visit. 
◗ Duration: 2hrs | For all

Download your teaching pack (in french only) 

Primary school
La vie quotidienne sous les Romains : Livret enseignant / Livret élève
Les spectacles dans l'Antiquité : Livret enseignant / Livret élève

Secondary school
La cité et le théâtre sous les Romains : Livret enseignant / Livret élève
Les spectacles dans l’Antiquité : Livret enseignant / Livret élève

Free tour with audio guide

From €5,5 per student

Children get back in time to discover one of the most beautiful theatre of the imperial Rome, the Museum of Art and History of Orange and the multimedia tour “the Ghosts of the Theatre”. Audio guides in 10 languages. 
◗ Duration: 2hrs | For all

Free tour ou with audio guide + virtual tour

From €10 per student

The historic monument have been digitally reconstituted, providing visitors with a 360° virtual tour via virtual reality headsets. Taken back to the first century BCE, you can see the construction of the theatre, from the founding of the town of Arausio to its inauguration.
◗ Duration: 2hr10 | For primary and secondary schools

Guided tour of the Theatre

€168 per group on weekdays / €200 on Sunday / €265€ on bank holidays

Students relive the history of the Theater, discover Roman civilization and shows.
This rate is in addition to the entrance ticket.
◗ Duration: 2hrs | Number: 45 persons per group (children and supervisors)

Combined ticket | Orange-Nîmes Pass

From €10 per student 

Tour of the roman monuments of Nîmes and Roman Theatre.
Ticket valid for 1 month

Practical information

+ Culturespaces

◗ Open 7 days a week,
◗ Free parking for coaches,
◗ Free audioguide,
◗ Admission of 1 supervisor for 8 paying children,
◗ Free WiFi.

Organising your visit

◗ Calendar of visits and workshops: all year long.
◗ Pupils must be supervised at all times during the visit or the educational workshops.

Booking procedure

◗ Please pre-book your group by telephone on +33 (0)4 90 51 17 60 or e-mail at
◗ Payment methods: cheque in euros, cash, credit card, official French payment authorization.
◗ Cancellation: Please let us know at least 10 days in advance of your visit. Rates are per pupils except specific product.

Opening times

January, february, november, december: from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.
March, october: from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.
April, may, september: from 9 am to 6 pm.
June, july, august: from 9 am to 7 pm.