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The city of Orange, nicknamed the "City of Princes", is endowed with a rich ancient heritage and a large number of Roman ruins.

Orange is a town known as ‘the City of Princes’, in the Vaucluse area of southern France.
Due to its rich historical heritage, the city has significant Roman remains.  The following can still be seen today: the Ancient Theatre, the remains of the temple, the Arc de Triomphe, the remains of the city wall and aqueduct, the West wall of the Forum and the cadastres (in the Art and History Museum).  Orange is a fine example of Roman splendour in Provence. 
Since 1981, several of Orange’s monuments – such as the Ancient Theatre and the Arc de Triomphe – have been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

In 2002, Orange City Council commissioned Culturespaces with enhancing and promoting the Castle of Baux and running cultural events and managing visits.

Every year, the city council organises a programme of concerts in the Theatre throughout summer.