The Ghosts of the Theatre

Fascinating, surprising, dreamlike, nostalgic, psychedelic, operatic ... the show “The Ghosts of the Theatre” takes the audience on a fabulous journey through time.
Internationally recognised or more unusual, the actors who have trodden the boards here now reappear thanks to the magic of multimedia. The ghosts will take you to some of the greatest moments which marked the Roman Theatre's 2000-year history. The show takes place in four caves behind the theatre's terraces.
The journey starts in the days of Ancient Rome with a pantomime, a form of theatre particularly popular with the Romans. After a great leap forward in time we arrive in the Belle Epoque, where you can marvel at the magnificent Madeleine Roch or the impressive Mounet-Sully.A surprise then awaits us in the 1970s: Orange 75, the "French Woodstock". For the final section, we are welcomed into the world of the Chorégies d’Orange and the Opera by Roberto Alagna.
The man behind this incredible journey is Bruno Cohen, a stage designer and director who specialises in virtual theatre and spectacular stage designs. This journey combines optical theatre, video projections and musical snippets that bring history back to life.
This journey into the history of the Roman Theatre has a strong educational benefit, giving even the youngest children the opportunity to learn about Roman times and the history of theatre in a factual yet fun way.
The Triumphal Arch and the Remains of the Temple