The 2nd floor rooms

The Frank Brangwyn and Albert de Belleroche rooms

The last two rooms on the second floor present the paintings and engravings of the British painters Frank Brangwyn and Albert de Belleroche. These collections were given to the museum by Count William de Belleroche, son of Albert de Belleroche. More than 500 engravings, lithographs and paintings by these artists have enriched the collections of the museum.
The painter Frank Brangwyn was born in Bruges in 1867. The son of a British architect and decorator, he joined the workshop of William Morris, the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, at the age of 14. In the early 20th century, he became one of the official representatives of British modernism. For example, he was commissioned to produce the gigantic mural decorations of the Capitol in Missouri, of Jefferson City, of the House of Lords and even the Rockefeller Centre in New York.
Count Albert de Belleroche was born in 1864. In 1882 he joined the workshop of Carolus Duran, where he met the painter John Singer Sargent, a popular society portraitist in the capital. He frequented in Parisian cafés, where he met Émile Zola, Oscar Wilde, Renoir and even Toulouse-Lautrec. In 1900 he discovered lithography as a way of really expressing himself.