The Chorégies d'Orange festival dates from 1860 and is the oldest festival in France. Over the years, the Chorégies have retained all of their freshness and originality, due in part to the name, which comes from the Greek "choreos", linking them to the Grecian-Latin tradition, to the magnificent site where they take place: the perfectly preserved Roman Theatre, which can hold 9,000 spectators, and which still has its stage wall, the guarantee of exceptional acoustics, and to their vocation, which is lyrical and musical performances, placing them among the very best French festivals and certainly one with an indisputable international reputation.

Programme for 2017

Musique en fête, live from Chorégies d'Orange
Monday 19 June at 8.35 p.m

Pop the Opera - educational project
Thursday 22 June at 9.45 p.m

Rigoletto | Verdi
Saturday 8 July at 9.45 p.m / Tuesday 11 July at 9.45 p.m

Bryn Terfel Concert
Monday 10 July at 9.45 p.m

Beethoven, 9th Symphony
Sunday 16 July at 9.45 p.m

The Fantom of the Opera film with live musical accompaniment
Thuesday 25 July at 9.45 p.m

Aïda | Verdi
Wednesday 2 August at 9.30 p.m / Saturday 5 August at 9.30 p.m

Symphonic Concert The Planets of Holst
Friday 4 August at 9.30 p.m